Wednesday, April 16, 2008


An attempt has been made on my life. Our administrative assistant just delivered to me a leaking canister of screen-cleaning wipes. I coughed for five minutes, but I am now fine. Please do not alert the media.

The library is not a safe place to work!

In other news, it's National Library Week. Don't forget to shower your favorite librarian with love, affection, and expensive gifts!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tax Help

We have volunteers come in a couple of days a week between January and, well, now, to help people file their taxes.

Guy: When will the tax people be here?
Me: *glances at the clock* Well, um, they're done today, but they'll be here for the last time tomorrow from four to seven.
Guy: In the evening?


Sweet On Geeks is now totally free! Go, network!

In other news, Muffin has been coveting the new Star Wars RPG book every time we've been in a bookstore since we started dating. Yesterday I bought it for him. I was tired of him ogling something other than me.

Internet fun

Lady comes to the desk:
"I'd like to borrow the Internet."

Different lady, a few days later:
"I'd like an Internet, please."

The sign next to my head that says, "Computer sign-up at the front desk" (in other words, not my desk) does not help.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things people want to check out

Me, apparently.

I was working the reference desk the other night and these two young men with beautiful Jamaican accents came to my desk to ask about library cards. As I talked, the one pointed to his own nose (in reference to my nostril stud) and said, "Cute."

That made me smile. I thanked him.

Later, after I was done explaining about library cards, the same guy said, "You're pretty. I like you."
Flustered, I said, "Thanks... so does my boyfriend."
He thanked me and wished me a good night, and I did likewise. Then he left through the entrance door.

What I should have said: "Thanks, but reference sources are non-circulating."

Internet fun

Lady comes in and wants help looking at a particular brand of purse online. Choice snippets of the hand-holding session:

Click in the address bar.
I don't have an address. (Wait, what?)

Click with the left mouse button.
What? I don't understand.

And on and on for about fifteen minutes. I show her how the mouse cursor turns into a little hand when it's on a link ("something you can click on"). I show her how the purses are grouped under these little descriptions on the Web site (Click on "girly" to go to that line, click on "signature" to go to that line, etc.). She doesn't get it. ("I want to see all of them!") Unfortunately, hand-holding is not my job. I don't mind helping you get started, but I have to be available for other people to ask questions.

Would you be interested in signing up for our beginning computer class?

Later, a (different) lady comes to my desk and says, "I'd like to borrow the Internet."