Monday, March 31, 2008

Overheard in the library

Overheard in a library with a "No cell phones" rule:

*cell phone rings loudly*

Patron at computer: Hello? Hello?... The library. THE LIBRARY... The Internet. THE INTERNET... HANG ON. (Exit patron, through the entrance door.)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The dating librarian

After some half-assed searching on the internet, I've found a man to hang out with, whom I'll call Muffin (because he's English, or half, anyway). I hate the term "boyfriend" as we are both way past being "boy" and "girl."

What makes my love life relevant to this blog is that men love librarians. LOVE them. When I was just dipping my toe into the online dating scene, I met a young man and dated him casually until I moved to my current location. He told me at one point -- when I was feeling a little old and used up -- that the idea of a divorced librarian is "kinda hot, actually." And actually, it is.

Which made me rather wary of men who are just in this thing for the idea of the librarian. They know it's always the quiet ones. I actually had quite a bit of response to my profiles on the couple of free dating sites I joined. Some of these guys I talk to on AIM, and I met one or two of them. Then I met Muffin, who just absolutely blows me away. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, except to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it's OK to be smart! It's OK to enjoy gaming and Star Wars and J.R.R. Tolkien. It's OK to enjoy reading random articles on Wikipedia. Hell, it's even desirable. Librarians are brilliant, educated people who always find something to talk about. We're well rounded, into the latest technology, and aren't afraid of trying new ways of doing things. (Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself, who knows?)

Since Muffin and I happened to meet during our two-week free trials on Sweet on Geeks, I feel obligated to plug it here. It's a dating site for nerds, geeks, and nerd- and geek-lovers.

Things the Library Is Not

Excuse me. You. Yes, you. The library is not:

1. An office supply store
2. A daycare
3. A psychiatric hospital
4. A skating rink
5. A personal computer tutor (But would you like to sign up for the Computing for Beginners class?)
6. A resume service

Also, the restroom is just about 20 feet that way, under the BIG FRICKIN' SIGN that says RESTROOMS.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Listen, please

*Phone rings*
Me: Blah Blah Library, this is Stray.
Voice: Hi, Belle, I just wanted to let you know that noon will be fine for the meeting.
Me: *confused* I'm sorry, what?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Interaction of the random interval

Patron needs help with the computers. She doesn't remember what the Internet desk told her the password was. I tell her, "'Rose,' all caps."
Patron types r-o-s-e-a-l-l-c-a-p-s. No dice, of course.
"No, sorry," I said, trying to clarify. "The password is the word 'Rose'... in all caps."
Patron begins typing t-h-e-w-o-r-d-r- before I stop her.
"I'm sorry, let's try this again. "The password is the word ROSE in all capital letters."
"OHHHHHH!" Patron finally types R-O-S-E, successfully making it through the Windows login.

The Beginning

This blog is about my experiences -- both professional and personal -- as a librarian. I'll include anecdotes about my job, interesting articles I find, personal observations, and whatever else relates even tangentially to librarianship. This is all true, though names and other possibly identifying details will be changed.

I was recently uprooted from a three-year marriage and my native Midwest to come to this beautiful area in the south with just a few pieces of furniture, a car, and a cat. I didn't know anyone here except for the people who interviewed me, so I am enjoying a fresh start. I'll add to the Cast of Characters as I identify the "regulars" in my life. Here are some people I associate with most. They are grouped by association, in alphabetical order for your convenience:

Cast of Characters

Personal life
Mom and Dad: A nerd and a geek, respectively, 600 miles away, "up North"
Moo: My cat, a fat striped calico
Mrs. Butterworth: Mom and Dad's orange cat
Muffin: My significant partner in crime (First appearance: The dating librarian)
SL: Me, the Stray Librarian (First appearance: This post, genius.)

Belle: The other reference librarian
Bosslady: The branch manager
King Nerd: (meant affectionately) Mama H's manager, who has many interests
Mama H: My boss, a very sweet lady

The patrons
Miss F.: Sweet old lady who keeps the book sale running on a daily basis. (First appearance: Crossing boundaries)
Mr. Subject: Requests books on random subjects at least once a week, usually more. (First appearance: Meet Mr. Subject)
Fritzie: Takes classes from a local school and frequently calls or visits the reference desk for help with her assignments. Local lady (with a local accent) in her 50s, extremely friendly, with a voice that carries. (First appearance: Meet Fritzie)