Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Beginning

This blog is about my experiences -- both professional and personal -- as a librarian. I'll include anecdotes about my job, interesting articles I find, personal observations, and whatever else relates even tangentially to librarianship. This is all true, though names and other possibly identifying details will be changed.

I was recently uprooted from a three-year marriage and my native Midwest to come to this beautiful area in the south with just a few pieces of furniture, a car, and a cat. I didn't know anyone here except for the people who interviewed me, so I am enjoying a fresh start. I'll add to the Cast of Characters as I identify the "regulars" in my life. Here are some people I associate with most. They are grouped by association, in alphabetical order for your convenience:

Cast of Characters

Personal life
Mom and Dad: A nerd and a geek, respectively, 600 miles away, "up North"
Moo: My cat, a fat striped calico
Mrs. Butterworth: Mom and Dad's orange cat
Muffin: My significant partner in crime (First appearance: The dating librarian)
SL: Me, the Stray Librarian (First appearance: This post, genius.)

Belle: The other reference librarian
Bosslady: The branch manager
King Nerd: (meant affectionately) Mama H's manager, who has many interests
Mama H: My boss, a very sweet lady

The patrons
Miss F.: Sweet old lady who keeps the book sale running on a daily basis. (First appearance: Crossing boundaries)
Mr. Subject: Requests books on random subjects at least once a week, usually more. (First appearance: Meet Mr. Subject)
Fritzie: Takes classes from a local school and frequently calls or visits the reference desk for help with her assignments. Local lady (with a local accent) in her 50s, extremely friendly, with a voice that carries. (First appearance: Meet Fritzie)

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