Thursday, April 10, 2008

Internet fun

Lady comes in and wants help looking at a particular brand of purse online. Choice snippets of the hand-holding session:

Click in the address bar.
I don't have an address. (Wait, what?)

Click with the left mouse button.
What? I don't understand.

And on and on for about fifteen minutes. I show her how the mouse cursor turns into a little hand when it's on a link ("something you can click on"). I show her how the purses are grouped under these little descriptions on the Web site (Click on "girly" to go to that line, click on "signature" to go to that line, etc.). She doesn't get it. ("I want to see all of them!") Unfortunately, hand-holding is not my job. I don't mind helping you get started, but I have to be available for other people to ask questions.

Would you be interested in signing up for our beginning computer class?

Later, a (different) lady comes to my desk and says, "I'd like to borrow the Internet."

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