Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Pop quiz, hotshots! (I love that movie.)

Due to space problems, children's program took place in the middle of the library this evening. Guess what the presenter handed out to all the kids as a prize for winning the grownup/kid competition!
a) Paperback books!
b) Craft materials to make sparkly paper butterflies!
c) Pretty high-quality bookmarks with this year's summer reading program theme!
d) Kazoos!

That's right, kids! If you guessed D, you win... I dunno, a kazoo. And a migraine.

In other news, I taught my second "Computers for N00bs" (not the actual title) class this evening. These n00bs were actually pretty good, fast learners. I was quite impressed that we got through the whole thing fifteen minutes ahead of time. (The class is an hour long, with an optional half-hour practice session.) Best of all, their evaluations of the class were actually comprehensible. Good job, n00bs! *hands out gold stars*

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