Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foot-in-mouth disease

This woman about my age asked for help printing an email from her computer. I helped her, no big deal, she paid for the printouts. As she was leaving she said, "Your shoes are great, by the way."
"Thanks!" I said.
She continued to walk out the door, and as she went she said this to me:
"They're really 'in style'... not that you care..."

And before I could reply, she was gone.

Earlier this evening, I taught Computers for n00bs. There was a teenage boy and an older couple, Dr. and Mrs. Battleaxe. Dr. Battleaxe was very nice and quiet, and a little timid with the computers. Why? Well, Mrs. Battleaxe was trying to take over teaching him. She was a little swifter than her husband, and I get the impression that it was her idea for him to come to the class, too. Instead of dealing with her own stuff, or helping him in a useful manner, she kept commanding him to do stuff that I was trying to teach.

Me: OK, to copy and paste, highlight the word... good, then click on Edit...
Dr. B: *can't find it*
Dr. B: *confused*
Me: Ma'am... he's fine. *to Dr. B* Here, Edit is in the top lefthand corner of your screen, right here...
Dr. B: Oh, ok...

So it went.

When we were finished with the class, Dr. B. just wanted to go home. Mrs. B. signed up for the next couple of classes, but Dr. B. declined. I hate to think she put him off computers. I hope maybe he'll come in again, and I can get him to sign up for a different, Mrs. B-less session. *sigh*

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